Friday, December 19, 2008

Casino Adventure

In my ever quest to make money online(don't have to remember you i hate work=slavery), couldn't pass over casinos. In the words of Cpt. Jean Luke Picard, it would sound like this: the final's like the last resort for me...all the other ways of making money on the internet, didn't quite paid off. sincerity it's a must here.
I don't want to keep you here and make you lose valuable time hearing for my lame regrets.
Let's cut to the chase, as I noticed they say in the US movies.
I used some methods of making money with the on-line roulette. Some progressive methods, which proved to be a loser's call.
So here goes the "Don't try this at home " list:
- the red&black betting .You bet on red, and then, if you win , on black.If you lose, you have to bet on red again , but in a progressive way, so if you lost four times on red, the fifth you have to bet 16 (if the first bet on red was 1).And so on...They will say the possibility that red would come for 8 or 9 times in a row is very scarce. Well, it is, when you play with

Play Money. Now, everything changes when you play for real money. I am sure now (too late it is) the Casinos have the ability to recognize such patterns of playing. Party Casino recognized mine, so , before 10 minutes had passed, i was poorer with some 200 $. This is no lie. Red came up for 13 or 14 times , no less...Anyway, i lost my hard worked money, shocked...standing in my seat like the very first foul on planet Earth.And how many tests i did before...
- there was another one crossed my cursor:the numbers(1-36) are sectioned into 3 areas: the low, middle, and high.I would have to wait a number from either one of this sections not to come up for 17 times.Than, bet on that section. In case of a lose, enlarging the amount of bet, progressively , like previously method. Tested, it didn't work even in play money.
- lately, i saw one from this site here .I've tested all the methods from Cash Generating Pro. This , what they called "Breaking the Bank" , seemed to work quite nice.In some 15 mins. , i've managed to gather 1500$ in play money, from 1013$, which i had initially. It was to good to be true, but my greed pushed me other. So i've made an account with CasinoClassic. They promised a 500$ free money, upfront, for you to play for 60 mins. What ever the winnings, from 20 to 200$, i was able to keep.As a bonus to start with on my first deposit of a minimal 20$. "Breaking the bank" worked beautifully once again.In as little as half an hour, I produced 720$.Time was to collect my winnings. The second day i've made the 20$ deposit.A little surprised i had when the bonus was only of 100$, and not 200$, as promoted.I've discussed it with some Allan guy, from the live chat team, he promised me will have my account filled with the other 100$ too. OK...I was ready as a money factory would be...before my eyes laptops, graphic cards and plasma TVs were hovering through my imagination. I was ready to Break the Bank! In 4 mins I had 160 in my account. It felt like raving. No more job , no more waking up in the early hours. Poured me a glass of wine and went the final frontier. Suddenly , the numbers wouldn't came up as before...I did my bets as described by Cash Geenrating Pro...nothing. Easily i had lost my money in the fast lane...
Now I am broke again.I have one more "hope". Roulette sniper. In two months top i want to purchase the software and put it to work. I've tested , nothing really precise, but, still a way out the day job. So I think now.
To summarize it all:
- the methods of betting you find on the internet are definitely Bogus! They will say that those methods work only for some casinos, showing some ads from which you may subscribe to those Casino. It's a bate , so they will make money from the commissions offered by casinos from your own deposits. This is the scheme.
- the software used by casinos i am sure has the ability to recognize certain patterns of playing, like those from the well known methods promoted on the internet like sure to bring you the big bucks.

I hope you had the patience to read what i had to say from my own experience ,so you will not made the same mistakes I did.
the best of the money to you!

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