Friday, April 11, 2008

Extreme Link Exchange

As maybe everybody knows, more inbound links has a blog, greater the chance that blog's rank (either for Google or Technorati) is more important.
as they say on courtneytuttle:

Technorati ranks each and every blog in the world, at least they rank all of the ones they know about. Engadget is currently the world’s #1 blog according to Technorati. The reason that Engadget is #1 is because they have more links from other blogs than any other blog.

as a newbie , i don't want to waite for my inbound links to raise as a i do more and more posts on my blog.I WANT IT NOW!, as i think most of you want it.

so i think i came out with a plan to boost the number of links that inbounds into someone's blog. no news for the pros...i'm sure , yet another newbie blogger trying to take a real breath of oxigen from the hights of the blogosphere.
so, the plan is simple. i put up with a group, on BlogCatalog, where people should post their blog. ALL of us will post ALL the links in one post on our blog. you may leave your blog link here as a comment if you want.
in this manner, soon , we would have been created a large web of interactions between our blogs, that will translate in a high number of inbound links.
this, along with faving exchange on Technorati, will bost the rank both on Google & Technorati.
i will put up a badge,

that will make the link to the post that has all the links. this badge should be posted on all the blogs that take part at this extreme link exchange, offering the reader of one's blog the possibility to land qiuckly on the post with the links. it will also give us the sense of community, uniting all together in achieving our goal.
Here are the badge in black and white, as the main colors that can be found in the background of vast majority of blogs all around the world.

you should embed this one of this images in code and put them on your site, to directly link to the linkexchange post.i may be excused for the poor knowledge in HTML.

the image's URLs are as follows:
for the black one

for the white one

hope all this turns out to be a succes
1.Stick It To The Man
3.Syed Kazim
5.Roshan's Blog
13.wierdo site
15.indiana jones IV
16.gorean refuge
17.Rani the Brainy | Rani Dababneh
19.original sharp says
20.neugen's eyes
21.five finger
25.baza of gaza of a gamer
27.zh infospace
28.the get smart blog
29.funz blogs
30.moms crazy life
31.a non geek's linux notes
33.a daily walk with bill & gina
34.mambo tutorials source projects
36.accessibility nz
38.a blog's party
39.emmsy's stuff
41.danity donnaly:all access
42.the red stapler chronicles
43.optimizing for search engines
44.doudy sketche watercolor paintings
45.painting artworks

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