Wednesday, March 26, 2008

just do it ! the assian way

ever since i've got connected to the internet, paying the subscription from my ISP, i have seen some occured stuff, that changed entirely the way i look to my fellow people from the hood, in the bus, at the market can watch a old lady buying her fish for the evening supe, never knowing that a "gifted" nigger will pay the "girlie" a visit, showing her the animal beneath.
all i say is after some months of surfing and webbing, you may think you've seen it all.there are moments , like this just passed me by some ten minutes ago, when you have to reconsider the theory of evolution. watch the photos and tell me that we were once apes, millions of years ago. IT IS MY BELIEF THE APES ARE STILL WALKING AMONG US

the beer supposed to be for drinking...or what a once alcoholic looks like now!

any moment now will stuff all that into his mouth

it's not the's the human side of animals

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