Monday, June 9, 2008

Still on my mind (and wallet)

Ok , maybe not in my real wallet(yet), but in my virtual , for sure .
Because you can check it out for yourself: 234 big ones in my account. And there is more: Payoneer approved my card submission, so now I am just waiting for it to place my first withdrawal.
About withdrawal i've seen a lot:
proof of payment
more proofs of payment
and yes, even more proofs
still not convinced this really works?
Just give me another week, so

I can put my hands on that shiny little card of then , I'll give you a link forwarding towards my own success story inside forum.

You can do a service to yourself and join in, it's free, and you have nothing to loose. Until you see how things work other there, at Some of you are thinking it's just a plian waste of time, clicking those ads, just for a cent. You have to let yourself see the big picture here.

Nobody says you will make money just clicking some ads every day , for the rest of your life, hopping to accumulate some moola. Power of the mob gives the earnings that will make you brain happy. You need some referrals to gather the green ones. No need to wait forever for people join under you.

You just buy the unreferred members...and own money making machine it is rolling. This is why you are here, not? To find out how to make money on the web...I am telling you this is the way. It works for me and for another 2 millions like you and me ...why shouldn't for YOU?

Give yourself a break, and spend more time walking your girl through a beautiful park. Play smart. Think at all that time you've spent, like myself, researching for the best way to monetize on the internet.

Buy 15 referrals, see them work , and you will soon realize is here to stay and to help people to reach their goals.

And when you get in , you can make it under my lead(write "skorilo" where it says "referred by"), so you and me will make the golden team. Only if you want...And if you don' strings attached. There are plenty of unreferred members for me to buy.
Ok ...I leave you with the numbers and ..POWER TO THE MOB!

more info in my other posts about Bux revenue : = real money making online RELOADED! money making
Why should you join ?
super naked

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