Thursday, April 17, 2008

shorten your URL's for cash

Damn..I will throw in for you even a little video sequence explaining how to improve SEO on your links that's a treat :)

I can be pretty confident you've bookmarked into your toolbar folder tiny url.You need it all the time, to promote your referral/posts links on twitter (in 140 characters hardly can you put all information data).I know I do. Saves you space and people tend to get even more inquisitive...i guess.
Now comes the "What if" part of the deal...So I say to you people , standing here, and waiting something to acclaim...What if you would get paid to do that same stuff...shorten ...promote...well..that would be something...I hear you now.."But how much could you pay me?" I don't pay you now, and ever i will not. will.

Not much, at first:

Payout $1 US every 2000 intermission impressions, $1 US every 4000 top banner impressions

You got to keep in mind also that all is coming with a referral plan (aren't they all...) that goes some 10 levels deep.
But there is more to this story. provides the ability to combine three important aspects, social bookmarking, a url service that converts long url links into shorter url links, and a service that turns your existing links and new links into cash!
Great for bloggers, forum users, webmasters, business users and more. makes it easy and simple to get paid for posting and sharing links.

So now, you have it is your turn to take action now, this thing could get big. Else, it is totally free , so you don't have nothing to lose.
Still not convinced?
RSS distribution for additional exposure. With Ucash you can also sort and add tags. Addthis enables additional distribution to a network of 35 top sites, such as Facebook, Digg, Google, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Twitter, Raw Sugar, Slashdot, Ask and more.

No more tinyurl for me.Doesn't pay anything. At least with Ucash,in I'll get some in my mid thirties :)(just kiddin'.time is to enroll soldier!your country needs you $RICH$!)

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