Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Power Dropping from Safari browser

So ...here's my story..i put my Athlon64 3800+ and a crappy (lame 512Kb in download) internet connection to the blogging war. I like to put things this way:blogging is the war, and i'm am the soldier, trying to his best to fight the traffic, feed subscribers and CPM quota.
Along the way I stumbled upon some sites with a beautiful "E" widget..."i want one of those..that is cool...waht does it do..?"that was the beginning for me and Entrecard...And now, trying to get the best out of it. Dropping, advertising on the credits earned already , and it is much else to be told about.

There was a time when i've struggled hard to get some credits from dropping , as my lousy connection to the web , and(i thought at that time) my CPU didn't want to help too much.Promised my self a new shiny 64X2 at 5000+...Time passed, and my old Athlon it's still at his place, doing his best, making some 200 drops in half hour or so. And that because i've discovered a new browser, outsmarting Firefox by far, my opinion. It's the speed and the reliability that permits you to open hundreds of tabs, just waiting for you to be dropped. Has a great design, and comes from Apple, free for Windows. They called it "best browser yet" and are not mistaking.It's fast , reliable, stylish, all you could aspect from a browser.
Just wanted you to know...got myself a new browser, it's the Lamborghini of today's web browsers.

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