Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Power Dropping Formula

For all powerdroppers , there's a new gun_aka tool_ in town. And is customized by one of the big kahuna in the industry:TysBlog.com(with an Alexa rank of 216974, lots of people look up to this web entrepreneur, as I think he might be).
Now, the man is well known around for the tips and tricks and howtos...long story short, he came up with a system that could get you some 300 drops on EntreCard, in as little as 15 min. The so called "S Y S T E M" in little words ,

it is basiclly just a list of links, grouped in pairs of ten (there are 30 groups), which you upload to your bookmarks in firefox.

Download the entrecard bookmark list
(RIGHT click, and select “save as”. The bookmark file is just a plain text file - virus proof, don’t worry. If you prefer you can just click the link above and then copy the text and save it in notepad)

Once done, go in your bookmarks, and you will see the groups of ten waiting for you to click "open all in tabs". Voila..the magic has left its mark.. you'll have now 10 sites willing and happy to make your EntreCard credit budget rise to the sky. Once dropped the first ten group, you are ready to repeat the operation for the rest of link groups(remaining to 30).
It's simple and very effective, you'll have the max of drops per day in no time.
Best part about this is YOU can get in that list too! Imagine the traffic.I've already did my job, so hurry up and ask Ty to put you in this list..as there are some 30 places reserved to the new comers.
Best dropping to everybody....and of course, POWER TO THE MOB!
300 Entrecard drops - FAST!

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