Monday, April 21, 2008

I am 831 out of the million

So ..what this is all about...
Max from SiteHoppin has done it again. I see him as a thenext to be internet guru. He has so much creativity and puts it to really work. Now he has moving some several projects on his hands.and I bet overs are nursing in his brilliant mind every night before he goes sleepy.
One of these projects is MillionBlogList in which I've got just recently involved.
listen to the man himself:

It is said that there are over 70,000,000 blogs in existence. This is an experiment to see how long it will take to get 1,000,000 blogs to list themselves on our site. Will it work? We think so. The experiment is to see how long will it take. What do you think? take our poll. We started April 10th, 2008.

his got a point here, i might add...
So i did my job in this internet experiment and put this one of a kind blog into the list. I have arrived only to get on 831th place...well, if you hurry just a little (you know it's worth it) you can make until it reaches 1000.
Each week we will highlight one blog from the list (chosen at random). The only requirement is that the blog selected randomly display the listed badge, include million blog list on their blog roll, and/or mentioned million blog list in a previous post.

Come on , we are waiting for the following 999169 of you. POWER TO THE MOB!

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